Seawinds Gardens


Seawinds Gardens is located a short stroll from the Arthurs Seat Summit region.


The National Park features indigenous and exotic gardens and is home to William Rickkets sculpture collection. You’ll feel as if you’re in Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens, though you are smack bang in the middle of The Ninch. The combination of indigenous and exotic formal gardens make these gardens a popular destination.

Seawinds Gardens encompasses a 34 hectare area at the Summit of Arthurs Seat, 305 metres above sea level and offers spectacular views of Port Phillip and the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsula’s from the lookouts.

A network of walking tracks guide visitors through a diverse range of exotic and indigenous gardens. The gardens are popular for picnics with tables, electric barbecues and toilets available.

Seawinds Gardens have something to offer all year round. Spring brings colour as the trees and shrubs of the gardens begin to flower. Summer offers an environment which is cooler than the surrounding coast. Autumn showcases the gardens deciduous trees. Winter highlights the contrast between the bare birch and willow branches against the pine and cypress. Daffodils flower in late August.

The Gardens are home to a diverse range of native animals including kangaroos, koalas, the Southern Brown Bandicoot, Tree Goanna, Southern Emu Wren, Lewin’s Rail, Powerful Owl and the Wedge-tailed Eagle.

If the weather is inclement, the ‘Rotary International Shelter’ located on the summit of Arthurs Seat, positioned on the northern side of the granite escarpment, can be a more sheltered spot. The shelter itself is very large, housing multiple picnic tables and is only a short walk from Arthurs Seat Summit Lookout, Arthurs Seat (the actual seat). It is on the Arthurs Seat Circuit Walk and can be accessed via Arthurs Seat Road near the junction with Purves Road in Arthurs Seat State Park.

We hope that you enjoy your picnic wherever you decide to have it!